2018-01-17 At the 2018 NAIAS, with the Launching of the Brand New Concept Model Enverge and GA 4, GAC made its appearance with a line-up that is stronger than ever

    The 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) kicked off on January 15, 2018 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, USA. In this NAIAS, GAC Motor, the self-owned brand of GAC, launched its quality sedan GA4, and took the stage with all the star models including GS8, GM8, GA8, GS7, GS4, GS3 and GA6. At the same time, the first compact sports multiple purpose NEV concept model Enverge specifically designed for North American market and the two self-developed engine 2.0T GDI and 1.5TM were on the stand. This  showcased the independent innovation achievement of GAC as well as its confidence and strength to enter into the international market.


    Eminent personalities like Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, Ryan La Fontaine, chairman of NAIAS organizing committee, Feng Xingya, president of GAC, Zhang Qingsong, vice-president of GAC, Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor, and Wang Qiujing, president of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute took part in the press conference on GAC’s exhibition stand at NAIAS in the afternoon of January 15. Hong Lei, Chinese Consul General to Chicago also paid a special visit to GAC’s exhibition stand.



Launch of GA4 and Concept Model Enverge to Exhibit the Strength of “Smart Manufacturing in China” 

    The annual NAIAS being one of the top five auto shows in the world, and has become a stage for global auto enterprises to display new vehicle models and new technologies to provide a forward-thinking perspective in the future of the auto industry.


    GA 4, which was launched in this NAIAS, is based on segment A platform of GAC’s self-owned brand, and is also another strategic leading product of GAC Motor since the release of its “sedan revitalization plan”. By joining forces with GA6 and GA8, GAC Motor will cover the whole sedan market from segment A to segment C to fully meet the diversified needs of consumers, promote the balanced development of GAC’s self-owned brand in all fields and inject new propulsion to the new round of growth.

    Enverge is GAC’s first compact sports multiple purpose NEV concept model specifically designed for North American market. Being carried with advanced design language and core technological result in new energy field, it can offer brand new entertaining driving experience of youth’s lifestyle, again, as an innovative thinking and attempt of GAC on future mobility. Enverge concept vehicle and the two engines, 2.0TGDI and 1.5TM displayed to the world the breakthrough and innovation of Chinese automobile in core technological field.   


In their 4th time to take part in NAIAS, GAC’s self-owned brand made its appearance with its high-end product matrix  

    GAC is taking part in the NAIAS for their 4th time in 2018. Since the launch of its overseas strategy, GAC took part for their first time in NAIAS in 2013; in 2015, GS4 made its global debut in NAIAS; in 2017, GAC was the first Chinese auto enterprises to enter the main show floor of NAIAS in its 110-year history, and hosted the global debut of GS7, GE3 and a concept vehicle EnSpirit; in this year, GAC’s exhibition stand covers an area of 1156㎡. Besides exhibition area, GAC has also brought a line-up that is stronger than ever, once more demonstrating to the world the resolution and strength of GAC for going global.

    Besides the newly released GA4 and electric concept vehicle Enverge, other models including GS4, GS7, GS3, GS8, GA8 and GM8 are also displayed in this show. With a full coverage of SUV, sedan, MPV, and New Energy Concept Vehicle, it brings forth a line-up that is stronger than ever in the exhibition participation history of Chinese auto brands. Among all the displayed models, GS8, GA8 and GM8 are the 3 typical models resembling GAC Motor’s brand upgrading strategy. For the first time, a joint appearance of all of them in NAIAS competes with world-class auto brands on the same stage. While sending a positive signal of upgrading Chinese brand, it also shows GAC’s resolution and confidence to build world-class Chinese auto brand.

Brand Upgrading Strategy is Rewarding along with

Steady Progress of Internationalization Strategy 



    In April 2017, GAC unveiled its brand strategic plan and released the slogan “crafted by the driven”. By spreading its brand all rounds and in all dimensions through multiple channels, GAC keeps promoting brand upgrade and pushing forward the transition from “brand power” to “creative power” in the endeavor of innovation, while improving the strength of smart manufacturing in China to build “Chinese style innovation”.

    In the past 2017, GAC has achieved production and sales volume of 2 million with a yearly growth of 20%, far higher than the industrial average in Chinese auto industry. GAC Motor, the self-developed brand of GAC, reached the production and sales of over half million, over 30% up on a yearly basis. As of 2017, GAC has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 for five consecutive years, ranking No. 238, moving up by 21% and 65 places compared with 2016.

    While achieving a rapid development in Chinese market, GAC is also promoting the steady progress of going global. GAC Motor has completed its layout in 14 countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Europe, Africa and America, and has primarily established its global sales network and service system. In addition, GAC plans to enter into the North American market in 2019, and GAC’s North American R&D Center in Silicon Valley has opened for operation in June 2017. The R&D center in Detroit and Forward Design Center in Los angles are also currently under preparation, there-after, the forward technological R&D in the fields of smart and connected NEV will be further strengthened and technical support can be provided to tap into North American market. In the first half of 2018, GAC Motor will set up North American sales company and Hong Kong trade platform to further expand its dealership resource and network for brand introduction and channel development to enter into North American market. 



    Looking ahead, GAC, with its 20 years of development history, has determined its development vision and mission for the new phases, which are: phase 1, to become one of the top 100 enterprises worldwide by 2027, the 30th anniversary of GAC; phase 2, to become a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness by 2037, the 40th anniversary of GAC. In 2018, GAC will continue to uphold the keynote of a steady progress, focus on quality and returns, stick to JV cooperation and independent innovation, and promote the transition from manufacturing to creating, from speed to quality and from product to brand, so as to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness and create more quality mobile life value for global consumers.