2018-04-18 Creativity Defines Our Future GAC Presented at the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

   On April 25th, GAC’s affiliates, including GAC Motor, GAC New Energy, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, GAC FCA and GAC Mitsubishi, made its presence with several new products at the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China).GAC, on home soil, launched the Enverge, the first new energy concept car tailored for the North American market, and released its all new strategic concept of corporate culture: GAC philosophy and cultural slogan. Meanwhile, GAC also announced its plan to initiate quality and efficient enhancement actions in several fields in 2018.


Enverge’s domestic debut kicked off the “globalization” of self-owned brand

    Enverge, GAC’s new energy concept car, is designed with a pioneering style and equipped with core technology achievements in the new energy vehicle (NEV) field to demonstrate the innovative allure of NEVs and create a brand new driving experience full of fun, to meet up with the life style of youths. Enverge combines the sporty features of a sports car with the power of an SUV. Its face reinterprets the iconic family language of “Flying Dynamics” from the perspective of NEVs. Its LED headlamps are integrated with a transverse grille that makes the brand easily recognizable. The interior of Enverge features a wing-style cockpit layout. With 360° panoramic smart VR glasses at the back, Enverge allows passengers to experience a sensory stimulation that transcends the boundary of a virtual world and reality while moving. In terms of performance, Enverge achieves a 0-100km/h time of merely 4.4 seconds and a mileage of 600km under NEDC conditions. Enverge can be charged in multiple modes. In addition to the 350kW regular fast charging capability which enables a driving range of 400 km on a 10-minute charge, it provides a wireless charging module that addresses charging difficulties innovatively.

    Embodying the globalization achievement of GAC’s independent innovation, Enverge is another bold imagination and an attempt made by GAC on future mobility based on global market. It will become a significant signal of GAC’s self-owned brand “globalization” quest. Meanwhile, GAC Motor’s all-new model GM6 and GAC’s self-innovated achievements such as independently-developed and new generation high-performance engine, and chassis were also showcased in Auto China.

    GAC’s other affiliates are also eye-catching in this exhibition. GAC New Energy released its new brand slogan, IP image and business APP. Vehicles launched at Auto China included GAC Honda’s 10th generation Accord and its hybrid version, GAC Toyota’s first mass-produced pure electric SUV GAC ix4, Levin PHEV and C-HR, a global strategic SUV model of Toyota. GAC FCA’s new generation Jeep Commander appeared with a burst of popularity and the new generation Jeep Wrangler had its domestic debut as well. GAC Mitsubishi brought Mitsubishi’s all new SUV Eclipse Cross, as well as E-MORE, an electric concept car developed by GAC for this joint venture. GAC Acura’s CDX Sport Hybrid was officially launched at Auto China.


GAC corporate culture strategy released to facilitate

conversion to high quality development productivity

    Since GAC’s release of a new brand strategy and a brand slogan in April 2017, the company has initiated a series of brand upgrading actions. It has also defined development objectives for the new phase in 2018, which are, to become a global Top 100 enterprise in 2027, being the 30th anniversary of GAC, and to become a world first-class enterprise with global competitiveness in 2037, being the 40th anniversary of GAC. To achieve these objectives, GAC has lifted the culture building up to a strategic level and forged a cohesive and a motivating all new strategic concept of corporate culture: GAC philosophy. Feng Xingya, President of GAC, has announced the main constitutions of GAC philosophy that includes corporate vision, corporate concept and basic principles.

    Corporate vision: We are committed to building a world-class company which wins customers’ trust, ensures staffs' well-being, meets social expectation, and keeps creating value for a better mobile life of human beings.

    Corporate concept: humanity, credibility, creativity


           Respect humanity, advocate communication

          Sincere cooperation, open and sharing

          Innovation-driven, pragmatic and high-efficiency

    The summary and extraction of GAC philosophy inherits its excellent cultural DNA, enhances a corporate, cultural and philosophical system, encourages and motivates all GAC staff. It will provide rich connotations and spiritual support for GAC’s brand building and ensure the consistency between GAC culture and brand. This is to enhance brand strength and soft power, convert GAC’s excellent cultural endogenous power to productivity that boosts high-quality development, and further reinforce the foundation of fulfilling the “13th Five-year Plan” strategic objectives.

    Meanwhile, GAC announced its new corporate culture slogan: Creativity Defines Our Future. As Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC pointed out, “Corporate culture is the soul of a company. The corporate culture slogan we just released consists two core elements—‘creativity’ and ‘future’, which fully reflects GAC’s corporate concept ‘Humanity, Credibility and Creativity’, as well as the brand core of ‘Detailing·Greatness’. The future of a company lies in creativity, whereas creativity lies in talents. Only if every GAC staff has future in mind, can GAC enjoy a bright future. And only if GAC has endless creativity and is future-oriented, can it keep creating more values to customers.” “


Initiated enhancement on quality and efficiency in several fields to strengthen GAC’s core competitiveness

    In 2017, GAC produced and sold more than 2 million units for the first time, raised by 21% year-on-year and 7 times higher than that of its industrial average. According to Feng Xingya, with the “13th Five-Year Plan” entering the mid-term, GAC would focus on enhancing quality and efficiency in all sectors including operation management, independent development, “electrification, internationalization, connectivity”, to continuously strengthen its core competitiveness, make steady progress, and realize high quality development.

    With regards to enhancing operation management quality and efficiency, GAC, oriented by the market, would deepen supply-side structural reforms, further advance institutional reforms and accelerate implementation strategies of enterprise prosperity by talents. In the first quarter of this year, GAC’s multiple brands maintained growing momentum and sold 508,400 vehicles accumulatively, increased by 11.21% y-o-y. According to Feng Xingya, “GAC is confident to accomplish all its tasks and objectives, ensure a 10% year-on-year growth rate of production and sales, and  challenge growth rate of 15% y-o-y.”

    Concerning the enhancement of independent development quality and efficiency, we will continue to invest more on independent R&D and self-owned brand, and stick to combining joint venture cooperation and independent innovation. On April 24th, GAC Motor held a joint venture contract signing ceremony in Beijing with AISIN AW Co.,Ltd. to jointly manufacture automatic transmissions. The cooperation, which covered manufacturing, sales, after service and technological consulting of automotive automatic transmission and relevant components, would further strengthen GAC Motor’s core competitiveness.


     In terms of enhancement on “electrification, internationalization, connectivity”, GAC signed the strategic cooperation agreement with CISCO and Didi on April 24 for broader cooperation in driverless car, new energy vehicle, mobility service etc. Combined with the established cooperation with HUAWEI, Tencent, Nio, China Mobile and iFLYTEK, GAC closely keeps up with the industrial trends to speed up transformation to a mobile life value creator. On April 14th (local time), GAC’s Advanced Design Center in Los Angeles was officially operational. It was another move of GAC’s internationalization strategy. The center will serve as a platform to integrate advantageous resources overseas, establish a top R&D team and a global R&D network. GAC’s Industrial park for intelligent and connected new energy vehicles is expected to complete its construction by the end of this year.  GAC’s New Energy’s “25 hours life experience center” has been opened in many cities successively including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. GAC and NIO have finalized registration and are pushing forward organization structure and business plan as per plan.

    In 2018, GAC will keep its focus on quality and returns, stick to independent innovation and joint venture cooperation to realize transformation from manufacture to create, from speed to quality, and from product to brand. GAC will fulfill “co-creating, co-establishing and sharing” by reform on quality, efficiency and driving forces, to make due contribution to realize the development blueprint of “being pacesetter in 4 main areas” to keep on creating value for the beautiful mobile life for human beings.